Little Larks’ Newborn Essentials

ll-baby-essential-listthese are some of little larks’ favorite must haves for those first couple of weeks with your brand new babe.

1. Boppy Bare Naked Pillow with Luxe Monkey Slipcover – Louie is almost 6 months old and we use our Boppy everyday.  I would recommend getting an extra slipcover.  Especially if your little one is a spitter-upper like mine.  After six months of constant use I am considering getting a new bare naked pillow.

2. NUK BPA FREE Classic Silicone Pacifiers – We love these pacifiers.  After trying out several brands we decided on NUK.  The size was perfect, some of the others seem to take up his whole face.

3. Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads – LOVE these.  They are thin and discreet.

4. Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve – When you bring home a new one during the flu season, you find yourself washing your hands ALOT.  This is my favorite hand lotion and I am not a fan of having lotion on my hands.

5. Honest Laundry Detergent – I am a huge fan of the Honest Company founded by Jessica Alba.  I could go on and on about their products.  I subscribe to the Family Essentials Bundle so I’ve tried all of their products and truly love them all.  The laundry detergent is gentle enough to wash your new babe’s clothes but the smell is subtle and sweet enough for the rest of the family.  I use it for all of our laundry.

6. Swaddle Designs Swaddling Blanket – I consider myself (and so do others) a swaddling expert.  We received one of these swaddling blankets as a hand-me-down from my sister in law.  Louie is almost 6 months old and sleeps every night swaddled in this blanket.  It’s amazing.  Louie has just started breaking out of his swaddle and rolling over.  I think he is getting too big to be swaddled.

7. Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack – very useful and looks cute on our kitchen counter.

8. Philips AVENT Natural Bottle Set – Love these!  This was the second brand we tried.  The first brand had too many parts to clean.  The Avent bottles are great and Louie loves them as well.

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We can’t leave home without this Haba product

Little Larks is a big fan of Haba toys.  There is just something so nostalgic about wooden toys especially the Haba brand.  We love the Lollipop Pacifier Cow.  When we are out and about we don’t leave home without it!  Prior to having this awesome product, we ended up throwing away many pacifiers.  Once a pacifier would hit the floor in a public place…  it was in the trash.  Wouldn’t want to risk getting a newborn sick!  Not only is it functional and so cute, Louie loves to play with it.  It was definitely a life saver for Louie’s first flight to New York.  Don’t for get to enter the current giveaway here.