Little Larks is a children’s lifestyle blog.   Written by me, Tara Visconti.  I am a mom of 3.  2 big girls from a previous marriage and 1 wee one from the relationship I finally got right.  I will share my parenting  adventures including guiding a 13 year old who thinks she is ready to date, loving and being inspired by a sweet and super spunky 10 year old, and falling madly in love with our baby boy.

Have you ever wondered….   Would I do it differently if I could do it all over?  Well I am living that.  I am surprised everyday by the challenges and triumphs.

In addition to Little Lark’s extensive resources for both the new parents and the parent of a growing child we feature inspired nursery decor, fabulous baby showers and parties, fun and useful product Round-Up’s and first hand advice from admirable moms.

To submit products, content or ideas for feature on our site, please contact littlelarksblog@gmail.com


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